Rachel & James x

“We just fell in love with helping Brides and Grooms to have AMAZING Wedding Days through DIY Wedding Planning…”

Hey there, we’re Rachel and James and you’re probably wondering who the heck we are!

We LOVE DIY Wedding Planning, movies, music, books… and cats!

We spend most weeks either at the Cinema or gigging…

Once upon a time we even met one of our absolute favourite bands of all time. Poets of the Fall… so awe struck was I that I couldn’t seem to open my eyes for a single shot!

Take note grooms to be… don’t do that on your Wedding Day!!!

So let’s start at the start and I’ll share the story of how Wedding Espresso came to be and how we created a fresh look at DIY Wedding Planning.

Are you sitting comfortably?


Good Let’s begin!


12 years ago, I filmed my first Wedding at Ripley Castle in North Yorkshire. It was amazing and I loved every second of it.


Straight off the back of this success, I secured my next paid gig within a couple of weeks… filming a Wedding at Rudding Park in Harrogate. (very posh, you might have heard of it!)

and I was filming on tapes… TAPES! Can you believe it!


So whilst that makes me sound “ancient”, I do prefer… “experienced”!

(and actually, I’m not even that old really!)


So yes, this was obviously a good calling for me as I quickly became a recommended supplier at several top venues in the region…


and even some further afield!


However, it wasn’t until I met my (then) girlfriend (now) wife, Rachel that things really stepped up a notch.


Rachel quickly integrated into my filming team to become my full time number 2.

We loved sitting down, having a good natter about their Wedding over coffee and biscuits… DIY Wedding Planning!


We’d always make our couples super relaxed before digging into the very fine details of their arrangements.  We’d carefully sculpt a plan that would maximise their potential and minimise their risk / wasted opportunity.


Time after time, couples came rushing back after their Wedding Day to thank us for (what was essentially) going overboard and beyond the call of duty in helping with the planning and timings of their big day.


We even included a full DIY Wedding Planning guide which was so inclusive it could have easily been published and sold on Amazon… had that been a thing back then!

I’d never suggest that we were Wedding Planners, but with over 300 Weddings under our belts, we had a very good idea how things REALLY work…


the kind of experience that most people getting married never get in their lifetimes.

(no one, I mean, NO ONE has THAT many friends… even on Facebook!)


It just seemed natural to us to share. Yes it took longer, and no we didn’t get paid for it… we just enjoyed it.


More over, it’s the best feeling in the world when you do something for someone else and they appreciate it beyond words. You KNOW in your heart of hearts that you’ve secured those fantastic memories for that couple for the rest of their lives… and generations to come.


It’s a pretty big deal!

Growing in scope and scale – making all sorts of new things possible.


Then the biggest of big things happened…


We decided to start a family!


And now baby Xander is on his way to joining our winning Wedding team (well, in a few years anyway)


So we set about creating Wedding Espresso to be able to share our love and passion for DIY Wedding Planning with an even bigger community of awesome Brides and Grooms.


Not to put too fine a point on it, but people just like you!


It’s an adventure unlike anything we’ve ever done before but we’re having an absolute blast.

To pull off this feat of unprecedented magnitude, we’ve engaged some of the very best people in the Wedding Industry to join our cause.


They’re buzzing about being able to help and guide you too, they share our philosophy and values and….


unlike most “platforms” out there, we don’t charge them to be a part of this.

No sir! We only want the “right” people hanging out with us, and with you so we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that anything we share with you is absolute top drawer… and not included simply because we took payment for it.


That, thankfully, will never happen here!


So you’re now a part of this exciting adventure, and you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t absolutely awesome. So a huge thank you from the bottom of our hearts for letting us share this experience with you.


We’re here to help, guide and support you so any feedback, suggestions or comments, good or bad would be gratefully appreciated.

Looking forward to seeing you at our next online Wedding Chat Meet Up!


Happy DIY Wedding Planning!


James & Rachel x

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